Let us introduce you to another highly effective digital collaboration tool that will make the every-day life of your team or organization much easier. Ryver is similar to Slack, however, there are some notable differences. As sated on the Ryver’s website – it is one step ahead of Slack because it offers to turn your conversations into trackable tasks, other than by expensive integration with other apps that have limited functionality. It also allows you to automate mass notifications and task assignments for predictable business processes. What makes Ryver special is the fact that you can create as many teams as you want within the app, and, as is the case with also other digital collaboration apps, you can also use the platform to set up chats with groups and individuals. What is more, Ryver is equipped with some interesting filters – for example, you can choose who can see the things that you post and say on the app and you can join the teams that are most relevant for you. All the public conversations are displayed in a similar style as the Facebook feed and there is also an option to mark some conversations, engagements and news in this feed to come back to them later.

Another reason why Ryver is unique is because it integrates team communication tools, team task management and workflow automation. No other digital collaboration app has yet been able to combine all these three substantial functions into one platform. This integration allows the users to : 1)Collaborate via Chat, Topic-threaded Chat (Topics), and Voice & Video Calls (including screen sharing); 2) Turn conversations into trackable Tasks in a powerful task manager; 3) Automate business processes like notifying teammates, assigning tasks, and delivering information to other apps lightning-fast using Workflow.

Ryver is available for 49$ per month for up to 12 team users and for 99$ per month for unlimited amount of users. Visit https://ryver.com/ to find out more.