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This section covers informative and visual materials, that provide educational support for social entrepreneurs. These materials include, but are not limited to books, articles, video materials, infographics and others.

Social enterprise finance market: analysis and recommendations for delivery options

This report by EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion provides a technical analysis of the finance market for social enterprises. It identifies market failures and funding gaps in social enterprise finance [...]

Sotsiaalse ettevõtluse ja sotsiaalsete ettevõtete arengu stimuleerimine Eestis

Strateegia süvaanalüüs Käesolev raport esitab Eesti sotsiaalse innovatsiooni, sotsiaalse ettevõtluse ja sotsiaalsete ettevõtete jaoks kindlaks määratud strateegilise ökosüsteemi süvaanalüüsi. See tuvastab riigi peamised tugevad ja probleemsed küljed ning esitab strateegilised soovitused tugevama strateegilise ökosüsteemi arengu [...]

Regional Strategies for the Social Economy – OECD Report with examples from France, Spain, Sweden and Poland

This paper by OECD  https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/industry-and-services/regional-strategies-for-the-social-economy_76995b39-en explores the linkages between regional strategies for the social economy and regional development in four EU countries: France, Spain, Sweden and Poland. It provides a comparative perspective of regional strategies [...]

Handbook for trainers in Social Entrepreneurship

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development presents the handbook created for trainers regarding the training courses in Social Economy and Entrepreneurship. The educational material was created in the framework of the European project ERASMUS+ entitled “Open Mind – gamified [...]

Balkan perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship

Our colleagues from the Republic of North Macedonia have produced an interesting material - an overview of cases of social entrepreneurs from across the Balkans - The Voices of entrepreneurs and innovators - that can [...]

Street team football produces good results

Combining football with aftercare for people who are experiencing drug-related problems is a form of groundbreaking social work which is proving to be effective. Street team football is the low-threshold activity that the organization Norsk [...]

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