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This section covers informative and visual materials, that provide educational support for social entrepreneurs. These materials include, but are not limited to books, articles, video materials, infographics and others.

Sell ​​Well, Do Good

Learning to sell is a bigger challenge than most social entrepreneurs expect. In the new book Sell Well, Do Good, sales experts Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy from Whitten & Roy Partnership redefine sales [...]

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Numerous studies show that today’s young people are highly motivated to generate positive social change (Lewis, 2016; Punadi and Rizal, 2017). Social entrepreneurship may have great potential to mobilize youth to engage in efforts to [...]

An Overview of Baltic Youth Impact

A consortium of partners has released a paper on impact management needs and challenges of youth associations in the Baltics, and the best practice examples. It provides an overview of whether and how youth organizations and [...]

Read the latest guidelines “How to stimulate social entrepreneurship via non-formal and informal learning methods”

Although young people constitute a substantial part of citizens worldwide, they are not fully recognised in policies and strategies, as a separate group of interest. They play a crucial role in societal and economic development and are [...]

EU Study: “Making Socially Responsible Public Procurement Work: 71 Good Practice Cases” #WeBuySocialEU

Socially responsible public procurement (SRPP) is about achieving positive social outcomes in public contracts. Procurement affects a large number of people, whether as users of public services, those involved in production and delivery, or staff [...]

European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM)

THE HAGUE (Euclid Network) – We are proud to announce the official launch of the inauguralEuropean Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) report at the European Commission’s European Social Economy Summit #EUSES, held virtually in Mannheim on 26th [...]

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