Zoho Connect as a team collaboration app, helps you to unify your team, resources, and the online tools you need.
Your team can share ideas, hold real-time discussions, contact anyone in the network, create their own apps, build their knowledge base, manage their work plans, and also access apps designed to make team work easy and quick.

With Zoho Connect, faster communication and better collaboration is guaranteed.

Zoho Connect an enterprise social network
Now you can build your organization’s very own social network, designed to make team communication, knowledge sharing, and work management simpler.

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The place in which Social Media channels meet productivity and your team can have real-time discussions, anytime!

Connect’s social-network-themed Feeds let your team members post company announcements, share updates and keep everyone in the workplace up to date. Helping you to organize teams by creating groups as well as run polls when you need to reach a quick consensus using the channels to create your team chats speeding up decision making processes.


Yours, truly

Make your enterprise social network truly yours, by letting your members access it from your domain. Add your logo and create your own custom CSS to ensure your brand makes an impression.

Wondering if Zoho Connect’s enterprise social network is a good fit for your business? It is time to try it out and take a closer look at Zoho site: here