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Social innovation VS Social Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Social Innovation | Social Entrepreneurship section. This section will help you understand the fundamentals of Social Innovation | Social Entrepreneurship. This section is not intended to be exhaustive list about everything "social", [...]

Mentorship program for Ukrainians in Vilnius

Let’s admit it – the best way to get to know a new city is with the help of a local. After all, if you’re staying for a longer period of time, you not only [...]

The complete guide to growing and scaling your social enterprise

We’ve learned a few things in helping support over 900 social enterprises around the world scale their operations with the help of our Experteers, Capacity Building Programs, research, and educational programming. Our work has touched [...]

Model and invitation to Impact Procurement in Lithuania

Impact Procurement: New Opportunities for Social Businesses and NGOs to Develop Quality Public Services and Collaborate with Municipalities A procurement model where the ordering of municipal services is not based on the purchase of a [...]

Leadership programme for girls

Future Heroes is a growth mindset-driven leadership & entrepreneurship program for girls aged 13 -17 to unlock their potential and create positive impact in the world. Future Heroes program is also a competition and every [...]

The 5 most promising non-governmental projects in Lithuania for 2021

The most promising projects of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Lithuania have been announced. They have become 5 initiatives aimed at solving various social or cultural problems that are important for individual regions of the country [...]