Empower your impact

A simple, flexible and customizable social impact platform. Designed to help you save time, be more efficient and drastically improve your social impact projects.

Thanks to more than 10 years of research and developments based on the needs of our users, we have developed the CSR platform Optimy to improve your social impact projects’ efficiency and performance. Our purpose is to equip you with the most flexible and intuitive online software, with features that match your needs and a dedicated support to reach your goals.


How Optimy works

It starts with collecting valuable and relevant data to selecting projects and applicants to match your values and CSR goals. Then you need to manage all these activities, the participants, budgets, and administrative tasks. But how would you know how effective your missions were if you don’t report on them? Optimy helps you to do it all.


Gather data through an easy application process


Review and select the best social impact projects quickly


Get an overview of your projects’ status and collaborate efficiently


Create meaningful reports about your CSR and social impact activities

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