From now on, all the hungry, who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet, can fight against wasting and throwing away food – the Too Good To Go application is now available in Warsaw. Its users can save products and dishes from their favorite restaurants, shops or bakeries from throwing away. Surprise packages with a meal that has not been sold on a given day at a very attractive price, you can order over 60 places in Warsaw. Soon Too Good To Go will also start cooperation with Novotel Warszawa Airport hotels or other Accor and Orbis hotels in Poland, as well as with the Polish chain of Etno Café cafés.


From planting a carrot to putting it on the table, not only the produce itself is wasted in food production, but also a lot of water, soil and human labor. Food waste is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which, as is well known, has a fatal impact on the planet!


Among the European Union countries where Too Good To Go operates, Poland ranks third in terms of the amount of food wasted – 9 million tons of food are thrown away annually, or 236 kg per person per year! So there is no better time for the application to enter Poland.


Too Good To Go is an application originating in Denmark, thanks to which the food that is not sold on a given day, instead of ending up in the basket, becomes a wonderful meal surprise. Shops and restaurants offer fresh products every day, such as bread, fruit, fresh sandwiches, salads and full meals. Although each enterprise tries to sell all its portions or pieces, it is not always successful. Thus, completely fresh and good food can end up in the basket. Thanks to the Too Good To Go application, users have a chance to save by throwing away wholesome products or meals by buying them at very attractive prices! This small step and a change in human thinking can have a great impact on the planet.


Too Good To Go’s global CEO is Mette Lykke, who manages a team of over 300. Its mission is to inspire people to fight food waste and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She is the founder of Endomondo, the hit app for sports fans with over 30 million users worldwide.

The picture comes from the TooGoodToGo Polish website:  where you can find all the details and link to download the App directly to your mobile.

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