Again a promising start-up supporting businesses. Ownership and equity in business is a crucial question for start-ups and social enterprises, too. Cake. is also a start-up that makes equity easy for you. They offer template designed ESOPs, which can be individually altered to suit your specific needs – in minutes.

An Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) is a method of granting equity in a business to an employee over a period of time.

It really is as simple as it sounds – the employee receives options (or rights) to be granted real shares in the business, as long as they comply with the rules of the ESOP (Plan Rules).


What are the benefits of an Employee Share Option Plan?
– Incentivse your team with equity so they feel they also benefit from the growth of the company and become more invested in your vision.
– Retain your best employees with ‘time-based vesting options’ which means they need to stay for a certain amount of time so they can earn their options
– Recruit the best talent to your company by giving them skin in the game and allows you to compete with larger companies able to pay big salaries.
– Your ESOP can be customised to your companies needs.
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