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Monthly Archives: November 2018


What Social Enterprise Is and Is Not

What Social Enterprise Is Social enterprise is,  about using a market-driven business model [...]

Social Innovation Toolkit 2018

NESTA from UK has created useful Toolkit on Social Innovation that can be [...]

WeTransfer: File Sharing Tool with a Heart of a Social Entrepreneur

WeTransfer is not only a very simple-to-use tool for sharing files, but as [...]

Files.fm: Store, Share and Sell files

Almost everyone knows such filesharing platforms as Google Drive and Dropbox, but how [...]

Three books for every social entrepreneur

Are you a social entrepreneur who experienced challenges and now you’re seeking for [...]

Urvaste Village Society – a promoter of traditional food in Estonia

Urvaste Village Society is a NGO located in a small village in South [...]

Reverse Lavka – a local food supplier in Estonia

The goal of the social enterprise Reverse Lavka is to provide Estonian farmers [...]

Smart villages – a new way providing services in rural areas

European Network for Rural Development published a material about Smart Villages in May [...]

SEIKU – social entrepreneurship incubator in Estonia

SEIKU is Estonia’s first social entrepreneurship incubator located in Tartu, South-Estonia. The goal [...]

Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement

Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement is an association of non-governmental organizations, structured at three [...]