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Thanks to Estonia Digitalization Genius, Developing Nations May Be Ready for AI Adoption

Estonia (e-Estonia) is the world’s only fully digitalized nation, where almost 100% percent of all public services are online, from IDs to education to healthcare. Previously, I [...]

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How Lithuania Transformed Into a Social Entrepreneurship Hub

With just 3 million inhabitants, Lithuania is a little known Baltic State that leads in social entrepreneurship. This is due to historic policies, strong institutions and a [...]

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PACT FOR IMPACT: Creating an international network of SSE actors / social entrepreneurship

Within the framework of the project Pact for Impact launched by the French government to constitute an international community of Social entrepreneurs, the association @LesCanaux is building [...]

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5 Ways Gen Z is Influencing Social Entrepreneurship

Gen Z may as well be called “Generation Social Impact”. For reasons previously mentioned, Digital Natives are stepping up to the task to be pioneers and innovate [...]

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How to create a social incubator – Report analysing best practices in Europe, structuring ideal incubator phases, timing, limitations, risks management of people with socially excluded backgrounds.

The Social SEED Erasmus+ project partnership composed of partners coming from Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland (BISER - Partner of the SocialEnterpriseBSR network)  is glad to announce [...]

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In France, a mission-based approach is seen as a commitment versus an opportunity!

Inspiration from France! In France, a mission-based approach is seen as a commitment versus an opportunity - La Loi Pacte was amended to encourage companies to be [...]

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