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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Multinationals buy from social enterprises and spend £1bn

In the Baltic Sea Region, the promoters of social enterprise sector definitely need [...]

Podcasts about Social Entrepreneurship

Do you prefer learning via listening to great podcasts? There are a lot [...]

TED(x) talks about Social Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of inspiring TED talks and TEDx talks about social [...]

Online Course: Social Entrepreneurship 101

This is a free Acumen course which lasts for 4 weeks. This course is [...]

Online Course about Lean Startup Principles for Social Impact

If you want to know more about lean AND social impact this might [...]

A Guide To Funding a Startup

If you're looking for funding opportunities for your social enterprise, you might want [...]

Leadership in social enterprise.

Without a good captain the ship can not sail for deep water, and [...]

Marketing Your Social Enterprise

Marketing is key to bussiness success, it's an obviouse statment but how we [...]

Learn from highly experienced!

United Kingdom is well know as the pioner in the field of supporting [...]

Public procurement for social progress

Public procurement is one of the tools that public administration can use in [...]