WeTransfer is not only a very simple-to-use tool for sharing files, but as it turns out – it’s almost a social entrepreneur.

WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. Today they have a set of nice tools which they call The WeTransfer Family with a motto – bring your ideas to life:

  • WeTransfer – for sending ideas
  • WeTransfer Plus – for sending bigger ideas
  • WePresent – for sparking ideas
  • Paste – for presenting ideas
  • Collect – for grouping ideas
  • Paper – for capturing ideas

WeTransfer interface is very simple, which makes transferring files incredibly easy. Since you don’t need to sign up if the size of your files doesn’t exceed 2 GB, you can just go to WeTransfer and start the transfer process – add files, enter a recipient’s e-mail address, your e-mail address and an optional message. As soon as the file gets uploaded, you can send it to the addressee. You receive two e-mails after sending data through WeTransfer. The first e-mail includes a confirmation that your file has been sent, and the second one comes when the recipient downloads the submitted file. If you want, you can choose an option to send files via download link instead of using an e-mail address.

If you need to transfer bigger files and want to explore other features, you might consider WeTransfer Plus. A Plus account lets you transfer up to 20 GB at a time, whether that’s lots of small files, or one massive one. With WeTransfer Plus, files are not deleted after a set period of time. It is simple to manage your transfers, see what you have sent and when, and easily forward, resend or delete transfers. WeTransfer Plus users have the option to protect their transfers with a password.

WeTransfer Paste syncs to the cloud, so you always have your team’s latest thinking at your fingertips. Browse, zoom in and download every image, file, and video in full resolution. When you’re ready, present your deck in a link, onscreen, or as a PDF.

WeTransfer Collect is the best way to organize your ideas. Save content from across your apps and bring it together for your friends, your team, or just for yourself. Organize your ideas as beautiful boards that are perfect for visual thinkers. Invite anyone to add to your board so you can collaborate and create together. Then share it with a simple link to send your ideas out into the world.

Since 2009, WeTransfer has given away 30% of its ad inventory to support artists, photographers, musicians and more. They’re committed to diversity in their storytelling to help spark different kinds of ideas for their readers. This is the part of WeTransfer where you can sense the spirit of a social entrepreneurship. WeTransfer supports many creative projects which raise awareness of different problems, for example, bringing together world-renowned photographers to highlight key issues in climate change.

Would you like to know more about WeTransfer or try it? Click here – https://wetransfer.com!