Almost everyone knows such filesharing platforms as Google Drive and Dropbox, but how many of you have heard of is an IT company founded in Latvia, that builds easy to use, modern and innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007.

The most popular feature of is file storing and sharing. How it works? Pretty simple. Once a user uploads files to the server, they obtain a unique link, which then can be shared to all users who need access to the files. If you want to quickly upload up to 2 GB files and send them to someone without storing them more than 60 days, you don’t even need to be an authorized user – go to, upload your files, obtain a link and share it!

filesfmAfter storing one or more files, the user receives a unique link. By opening this link, you will see a list of stored files. The user can see the file name, size, description and choose to download or view his or her files. Each individual file also has a unique download link. You can store documents, photos, video, audio or any other file type. You can simultaneously select and upload multiple files. Maximum upload size is 2GB at one time for free users. Pro and Business users can upload files without size limit.

File storing and sharing is not the only feature provided by They offer inserting a file upload form in your website even you don’t have any programming skills. You can use as a virtual server hosting. provides a handy file synchronization tool for content sharing and copying. There is even such an option as creating your public file catalogue and exchange channel. And, yes, is a platform for selling digital downloads as well.

Are you intrigued enough and want to try by yourself? Go for it –!