With Stormboard‘s digital workspace users can generate more ideas – prioritize, organize, and refine those ideas and in that way make meetings, brainstorms, and projects more productive and effective.
The online platform tool allows users create a project, hold a meeting, assign tasks to a team and set deadlines and goals.
Stormboard makes it easy to track the progress of a project and to make sure that the plan is followed, no matter where in the world your team members are.

Stormboard also has lots of built-in templates for business processes among others Design Thinking, SWOT and Agile.
The tool also has a smart reporting function, that compiles the information on the users workspace, also called Storm, into a document in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or another format that can be edited and used as meeting minutes or presentations.

Stormboard has users in more than 181 countries all over the world.

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