As INDIGISE project supported by Erasmus+ aims to deliver youth-oriented, innovative educational approaches and tools to develop entrepreneurial competence in social economy and spread the idea of social entrepreneurship in general, the OER platform has been regularly updated with the content relevant for youth audience since the beginning of the project in April 2020. It has become specifically up-to-date in the context of COVID-19 quarantine when thousands of young people were locked down in their houses and looked for new opportunities online – for educational, business or leisure purposes.

Social Entrepreneurship Support Network of the Baltic Sea Region, which also includes newly established INDIGISE project partnership, has managed to address the needs of young people by collecting, testing and promoting the best tools to raise the knowledge on social entrepreneurship and social innovation design. Within half a year, KLAIPEDA UNIVERSITY from Lithuania, KRISTIANSAND KATEDRALSKOLE GIMLE from Norway, BALTIC INSTITUTE FOR REGIONAL AFFAIRS (BISER) and EUROREGION BALTIC from Poland and SOCIAL INNOVATION CENTRE from Latvia has explored hundreds of repositories, scientific database resources, blogs, social media groups and websites of local and international NGOs, educational institutions and social businesses to collect the most relevant and engaging content on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

In OER platform, a special “Youth“ section on the network’s learning platform has been created to support research, non-formal and informal learning of young people and youth workers, formal teachers, facilitators and other educators on social entrepreneurship, social innovation and impact design. “Learn” and “Play” settings are introduced for young people to overtake the experience of researchers, social entrepreneurs, learning programme designers and facilitators.

INDIGISE provides youth and youth stakeholders with access to educational materials, scholarly articles from scientific databases, social business cases, support initiatives and relevant events, database with the Baltic Sea Region’s social enterprises, incl. those launched by young talents, newly developed ICT operational tools and blog articles. By November 2020, INDIGISE partnership has created and promoted through social media more than 100 publications, incl. information on social entrepreneurs added to the database of social entrepreneurs of the Baltic Sea Region.

Educational materials

By providing social innovation and social entrepreneurship-related reports, guidelines and e-learning materials, INDIGISE project partners equip youth and adult learners with skills, competencies and knowledge, widening their horizons, empowering and designing empathy towards social impact.

The Case for Letting Business Solve Social Problems |Michael Porter

Social Innovation Academy E-learning Tool

Gamified Tool to Learn What The Theory of Change Is All About

Scholarly Articles

Partnership members regularly review the latest research and review publications on social entrepreneurship-related topics, offering target groups to think about the science behind the impact makers’ activities.

Is Crowdfunding an Appropriate Financial Model for Social Entrepreneurship? 

Social entrepreneurship research: A review and future research agenda

A Dutch Pilot Study in Primary Teacher Education: Social Entrepreneurship Education in Focus

Social Business Models – Case Studies

Majority of experts agree that existing social entrepreneurs are one of the key factors encouraging young entrepreneurs-to-be to take an impactful action. INDIGISE project promotes the most interesting local, regional and global cases of social entrepreneurship including young people and experienced impact makers.

Connecting creativity and ecology in social commitment projects

Social Enterprises in Tourism Presented

Creative Social Enterprise Business Model Ideas: 10 Ways to Address Affordability

Support Mechanisms For Young Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurship Support Network of the Baltic Rea Region supports social entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs-to-be in their purposeful activities. Useful tips, guidelines, inspirational experience sharing, financial, educational and informative support initiatives can be found here! If you want to spread the message about your support services or initiative, join our network activities by sending your material to

A Recipe Book for Social Finance – A Practical Guide on Designing and Implementing Initiatives to Develop Social Finance Instruments and Markets

Social Entrepreneurship: How to Become a Changemaker Through Business

The Impact in Palanga is Turned ON: 7 New Social Businesses Have Emerged

Youth Social Enterprise Database 

To be visible nationally and regionally, young social entrepreneurs below 30 are mapped and briefly characterized in INDIGISE partnership countries. Best youth social entrepreneurship exemplars in the fields of accommodation, food service, education, agriculture, administration and support services, eco design, human health and social work, information and communication, arts, entertainment and recreation are reflected on a platform to inspire and empower young people.

Pøbelprosjektet (Norway)

Vigo (Latvia)

Kulturhauz (Poland)

Maisto Bankas (Lithuania) 

If you know more young social entrepreneurs aged below 30 in any of the Baltic Sea Region countries, you can attach the information here or send us an email via

Calendar of Events

INDIGISE project partners have browsed through the agendas of leading organisations providing education and support for social innovators and business to make them visible for young people in the Baltic Sea Region through the digital platform. In the Calendar, innovation leadership and social entrepreneurship bootcamps, facilitator trainings, conferences, forums, experience exchange and info sessions, thematic workshop and other events are collected and shared with the audiences of young people and youth facilitators.

Social Enterprise Day 2020 – (#WhoKnew campaign)

Social business conference “Business that Challenges” – “Creative Shock”

Social Entrepreneurship 4 Health: How to develop your social business to improve global health

ICT Tools

Social entrepreneurs and support stakeholders of any age and profile can benefit from the ICT tools collected for the use of digital collaboration, project and business process management, ideation workshops, brainstorming sessions, internal communication and many more to make day-to-day work productive and enjoyable.

Milanote: for Brainstorming and Ideation

Design a Striking SWOT Analysis with Canva. SWOT analysis templates

Clariti App for Smart Multitasking


News from Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Latvia and other countries are gathered in Blog to keep readers updated about the latest trends and news in social impact field. Read about projects and campaigns, youth business support organisation and their developed tools.

Reach for Change to connect social enterprises with IT entrepreneurs by joining Vilnius Tech Park

Zdanowicz Be Creative Foundation – Creative Power of Help

Mentoring as a Powerful Tool for Youth Business support: Why and How?


If you would like to join the network activities and contribute to the content for youth social entrepreneurship promotion, or you have developed your own social enterprise or project you would like to share with our audience via Social Entrepreneurship Support Network webpage or Facebook page, please let us know by contacting



This publication has been prepared within INDIGISE project. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the project coordinator and may not always reflect the views of the European Commission or the National Agency.