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Estonian residents see entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice!  

There is an important increase in the number of Estonians who think that the conditions in Estonia favour setting up a business, while fear of failure has [...]

Social Enterprise Day 2019

November 21 is Social Enterprise Day. The day is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it is a day with focus on social enterprises and their impact [...]

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SPOKO – Original gift sets for your company to support the social economy in Poland

Original gift sets for your company to support the social economy. https://www.jestesmyspoko.pl/en/ SPOKO is a new project on the social and business market of Pomerania. It was created [...]

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Venner – So that no one has to be hungry

An exciting social start-up in Finland There's an exciting fresh social start-up in Finland that tackles the problem of uneven health provision of the society. It's called [...]

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The world deserves stories that are true

Pictures and stories are a natural way to understand the world. They create emotion and action. In order for social impact measurement to lead towards more effective leadership and [...]

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Social enterprise learning materials from Visenet

Ruralia Institute in Finland is currently working on a project,  which aims to create social enterprise learning materials, guidance and networking. Visenet - Village social enterprise learning material, [...]

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