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Vaikuttavuuden bootcamp- ohjelma 2019 (Impact bootcamp for Finnish social enterprises)

Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra organizes impact bootcamps for Finnish social enterprises during spring 2019. Bootcamps are a continuation program for previous year's impact accelerators. The programs consists [...]

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3 business model options for an impact start-up, explained

You have an idea for an impact business, but don't quite know how to take it forward? CauseArtist  has compiled a nice article that explains, with examples, how [...]

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“Design thinking instrument set” – a new way for generating ideas

New challenges require new ways of thinking.  Old business and entrepreneurship text-book examples might not be relevant anymore and, what is more, they are not enough to [...]

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Social entrepreneurship online course by University of Pennsylvania

How do we create innovative and effective solutions to social problems around the world ? This course was designed for individuals and organizations who want to identify [...]

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News from Finland: New impact management system for social enterprises

Arvoliitto - The association for social enterprises in Finland and Laatukeskus - Excellence Finland - The Finnish Association for Quality have started to develop a new impact [...]

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Why education matters for economic development?

Read this great article on the World Bank blog on "Why education matters for economic development" by Harry Anthony Patrinos   http://blogs.worldbank.org/education/why-education-matters-economic-development There are more children in school [...]

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