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The Case for Letting Business Solve Social Problems |Michael Porter

Why societies turn to nonprofits, NGOs and governments to solve their biggest problems? World known economist, Michael Porter admits he's biased, as a Harvard Business School professor, but [...]

Creative Social Enterprise Business Model Ideas: 10 Ways to Address Affordability

We frequently hear the question: “What if the people who need and use my products or services can’t pay?” If you think that the customers who will [...]

Social Entrepreneurship: How to Become a Changemaker Through Business

Some people start businesses to improve the quality of their life. Others seek to work for themselves. And some see an opportunity in the market they can't [...]

Zdanowicz Be Creative Foundation – Creative Power of Help

When fate connects two artistic personalities who love to infect others with their passion and share their extraordinary energy with the world, this world begins to swirl. [...]

The Study on Social Business Opportunities in Lithuania – Full Version Available

The Study on Social Business opportunities in Lithuania (prepared on 2019), analyzing the social business situation, tendencies and opportunities in Lithuania, evaluates: the legal basis of social [...]

Social Leaders’ Business Events in Klaipeda Encourage Regional Initiatives

Last week (16 October, 2020), the Lithuanian Social Business Association together with Entrepreneurial Lithuania (Marijampolė and Klaipėda agency "Spiečius"), LAG "Pajūrio kraštas", Gerinorai.lt and local partners brought [...]