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A new call for proposals to boost the development of finance markets for social enterprises

Read more here: https://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=89&newsId=9510&furtherNews=yes A new call for proposals was launched under the Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI), with the aim of contributing to the development of [...]

Growth for the Common Good? Learnings from social enterprises’ growth process

For those readers interested in research, there's a new juicy read from Finland. Saila Tykkyläinen's doctoral theses about social enterprise growth has just been published. The researcher has [...]

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Padlet – Visual tool for collaborative learning

Padlet is an  interesting visual collaboration tool which can be used for example to create discussion or collaborative learning around a certain topic. Example Padlet Easy, intuitive, [...]

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EUCLID Network issued a joint statement on social entrepreneurship in Europe

Euclid Network, the European Network representing social enterprises, together with 24 of the most prominent national networks for social enterprises from 20 countries have now joined forces [...]

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How To Find An Awesome Business Idea And Shoot It?

STARTER for YOUth! A free of charge development programme? Yes, designed for YOUth. STARTER, the business idea development program designed by 8 universites in Estonia is ready [...]

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Estonian residents see entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice!  

There is an important increase in the number of Estonians who think that the conditions in Estonia favour setting up a business, while fear of failure has [...]