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Social Enterprise as a Mechanism of Youth Empowerment

Liang Shang from the City University of Hong Kong and Yanto Chandra from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed explicit research on the youth empowerment mechanisms applied in Social Entrepreneurship as a practice-based learning [...]

Clipster, co-living and start-ups in Gdansk

Today we present you the article about CLIPSTER -  is a co-living/co-working startup accelerator program in Gdansk, Poland. 2020 will see the continuation of the international Clipster pre-acceleration programme (launched in 2015) offering a co-living option, first of [...]

Mother opens bakery to help son and others with special needs find employment

A common concern for parents of children with disabilities is what will happen when their children become adults. It’s difficult for adults with disabilities to find employment — not because they aren’t capable, but because [...]

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There is a different phenomenon occurring: Instead of technology innovation being the driver for startups, it is more frequently business model innovation.

In the past most startups occurred because a new technology had come along that would provide solution to a problem that could not be solved previously. (As an example, an unmet need was the pain [...]

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It matters how your business model and mission statement is articulated

Scholars from Lappeenranta University have been researching social enterprise business models for years. Some time ago they focused their research on health care sector. The study looked at six health care companies with social enterprise [...]

Social entrepreneurship differs from regular business with its higher goal– while classical companies aim to generate more profit, social enterprises are built with the mission to tackle some specific challenge in the society. Since the [...]

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