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//Successful Business Models

Social entrepreneurship differs from regular business with its higher goal– while classical companies aim to generate more profit, social enterprises are built with the mission to tackle some specific challenge in the society. Since the [...]

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Interesting business model from UrbanLab Gdynia

  UrbanLab Gdynia is a space. On one hand, it is a forum – a space of a dialogue and a discussion about the city – on the other? UrbanLab consists of actual rooms and [...]

The Other Bar

The Other Bar is a case of a rather unique business model. The company behind the product, FairChain Foundation, believes that inequality and poor living conditions are some of the most pressing challenges globally. In [...]

Textale from Lithuania is pioneering online shop of upcycled fachion

Social enterprise Textale from Lithuania just recently launched an online shop for used, repurposed, vintage and upcycled clothing for both men and women. Currently, the shop contains over 400 items. The company is pioneering turn [...]

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Venner – So that no one has to be hungry

An exciting social start-up in Finland There's an exciting fresh social start-up in Finland that tackles the problem of uneven health provision of the society. It's called Venner. Venner offers a completely new, simple and [...]

Infinite Game – a business model approach by Simon Sinek

You may have come across Simon Sinek´s work related to the "Start with Why" book, where he differentiates between your why, what you do and how you do it. Successful companies start with Why: the [...]

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