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Urvaste Village Society – a promoter of traditional food in Estonia

Urvaste Village Society is a NGO located in a small village in South Estonia. The goal of the social enterprise Urvaste Village Society is to ensuring a good living and working environment for local residents [...]

Reverse Lavka – a local food supplier in Estonia

The goal of the social enterprise Reverse Lavka is to provide Estonian farmers and small producers a food shop for Estonian people, a preferred and accessible option. Reverse Lavka wants to make Estonian eating habits more [...]

TravAble- the travel companion for the physically impaired

Ósk Sigurdóttir, a occupational therapist and her founding partner Hannes Pétursson had the desire to assist those the physically impaired to have access to amenities such as public spaces like restaurants as well as hotels. [...]

Wykorzystanie komercyjnych modeli procesowych przedsiębiorstw w tworzeniu zintegrowanych modeli przedsiębiorstwa społecznego opartych na holistycznych koncepcjach

Polecamy apoznanie się z artykułem Małgorzaty Kurleto "Wykorzystanie komercyjnych modeli procesowych przedsiębiorstw w tworzeniu zintegrowanych modeli przedsiębiorstwa społecznego opartych na holistycznych koncepcjach"   W niniejszym opracowaniu, eksponującym rolę modeli procesowych w  funkcjonowaniu przedsiębiorstw komercyjnych, autorka ma na [...]

Models of Impact

Choosing and developing a business model for your social enterprise is not always easy and straight forward.  So sometimes it can be helpfull to utilize some of the tools that are available. Models of Impact: [...]

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Parmu Ecovillage – a nature-friendly community

Parmu Ecovillage is a non-profit organization which unites the community with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable. Parmu Ecovillage is located in the Natura2000 area in South Estonia and promotes and fosters a holistic [...]