Recently I have come across the GoToMeeting collaboration tool. The best part of it is the ability to use your phone and get connected to multiple people from different countries into one conference call by dialing a dedicated local number and special code. Below is a short review of the app and the link.

Thanks to cheap bandwidth and a wide selection of video conferencing services, trying to coordinate meetings with clients in various geographic locations and interacting with remote workers is no longer the logistical and technical workplace challenge it used to be. GoToMeeting (which begins at $14 per month, billed annually) is one of the better-known video conferencing services (along with Cisco WebEx Meetings and Editors’ Choice service ClickMeeting). But GoToMeeting (which was acquired from Citrix by LogMeIn in January 2017) no longer dominates the space and might even be falling behind the competition in some areas.

If you’ve ever been part of an online demo or viewed a web presentation, then chances are you have used GoToMeeting (or Cisco WebEx Meetings, for that matter). Therefore, you already know a little bit about how this kind of software works. While the service is capable of screen sharing, demos, and even remote troubleshooting, this review focuses on GoToMeeting’s video conferencing capabilities.

GoToMeeting Packages

GoToMeeting offers three versions of its software: Starter, Pro, and Plus. GoToMeeting Starter (which, as stated earlier, begins at $14 per month, billed annually) supports up to 10 participants and GoToMeeting Pro (which begins at $29 per month, billed annually) supports up to 150 participants. GoToMeeting Plus (which begins at $39 per month, billed annually) can handle up to 250 participants on a call. There is also a free version of GoToMeeting, which offers limited features for up to 50 participants. GoToMeeting doesn’t require a credit card to sign up for the free 14-day trial, a practice I wish was more prevalent among business services. It also offers a 60-day refund, which is also unusual.

A big portion of the appeal for GoToMeeting is that it’s part of a larger “GoTo” line of products, including GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. There is no price break for purchasing multiple products, however, nor is there a bundled option to buy. But, if you are already using GoToWebinar for online events for up to 2,000 attendees, then it makes sense to just stay in the product family when looking for a more focused product for smaller audiences.

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