“Social Economy Talks” is a Podcast series from Social Economy Europe about the most relevant upcoming issues in the social economy sphere. It will follow a journey of discovery (narrated by team member Nicholas Clark) aimed at elucidating social economy success stories and roles regarding the green transition, diversity and migrant entrepreneurship, digitalisation, COVID recovery and promoting human capital, among many other things. Interviews with important organisations on the ground as well as relevant policy players will give a digestible introduction to the social economy in practice.


In this very first episode of 2022, Laura Almirante (Communications Coordinator at SEE) and Sara Bombardieri (Policy and Communications Assistant) talk about the implementation of the Social Economy Action Plan and the steps that have been taken in the first quarter of this new year.

The Social Economy Action Plan, one of a kind, was presented last December by the EU Commission. This meant a great celebration for the social economy community, who has worked hard and constantly for 14 years to achieve the publication of this Action Plan. Despite being a great milestone, this is only the beginning as the plan has now to be transformed into concrete actions.

Some of the main events taken place in the first quarter of 2022 were the GECES meeting concerning the implementation of the SEAP, the EU Industry Days 2022, the launching of the EU Commission Survey on transition pathways, the event on the social economy and the future of Europe celebrated in Paris, the Accessibilitech event, the Civil Society Days, the visit to Madrid of a 10 MEP’s delegation and the SEIG hearing towards a Council Recommendation on Social Economy.

As you can see (and hear) 2022 is the time to scale up for the European Social Economy Community and all the events and milestones this podcast is about, are just the beginning of an amazing year for the Social Economy and the future of Europe.





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