Bielskie Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne “Teatr Grodzki”
(The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre)

Social goal

Social and vocational activation of people with disabilities.

History of the social enterprise creation

The association was founded in 1999 in the town of Bielsko-Biala (southern part of Poland) and gathered artists, pedagogues and culture promoters engaged in artistic work with children, teenagers, adults and the elderly from the socially excluded groups. The latter include physically and mentally disabled persons, people with learning disabilities, children and youths from families at risk, young offenders, victims of alcohol and drug addictions, senior citizens, and all those alienated from the mainstream of social and cultural life.

In 2004 Association created The Occupational Therapy Workshops (arts and life-skills day centre) for 30 people with disabilities and first Vocational Therapy Unit were participants of The occupational therapy workshops go one step forward and start regular job. With a time Association in a close cooperation with local municipalities open second Vocational Therapy Unit – The Resort, Conferance and Rehabilitation Centre in small town Lalili.

Offered products and services:

Printing House and Bookbindery in Bielsko-Biała ( – was created in 2004 as Vocational Therapy Unit (shelered enterprize) , it has 3 different laboratories:
• Computer graphics laboratory – preparation for printing (editting, developing graphic design, direct order fulfillment), digital printing (printing of business cards, letterhead, calendars, recipes, postcards, brochures, etc.).
• Printing laboratory – offset printing (printing of newspapers, posters, books, etc.).
Binding laboratory – manufacture of ecological bags and briefcases, hardcover and paperback books, records, reports, master’s theses. Handmade  greeting cards, postcards, decorated bags and boxes etc. 

The printing house employs 40 people with disabilities.

The Resort, Conference and Rehabilitation Centre in Laliki, village in Beskidy Mountains ( – was created in 2008 again as Vocational Therapy Unit (sheltered enterprize). The hotel can host 60 guests in a one time and is the most modern in the Silesian province center of sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the locomotor system. The resort offers guests 21 elegant rooms and a dining room, conference room, lounge rehabilitation, gym, sauna and offeres a rental of Nordic walking sticks.
The hotel employs  30 people, 22 of them are disabled persons with movement disabilities and / or mental illness.

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