Stowarzyszenia na Rzecz Rozwoju Gminy Bałtów „Bałt”
(The Association for the development of the municipality Bałtów “Bałt”)

Social goal

  1. The development of tourism and economic in the municipality of Bałtów.
  2. Increasing the number of jobs, the development of local entrepreneurship and turistic and gastronomy infrastructure.
  3. Integration and activation of Bałtów citizens.

History of the social enterprises creation

The municipality of Bałtów has around 4 thousand inhabitants and is located in Southeast part of Poland. Due to political and economical transformation in 90’s in this small town level of unemployment reached almost 40%. The local authorities did not manage well the municipality: there was no water supply, sewage system or mobile phone. There was no local zoning plan. Unregulated ownership issues discourage potential investors. The authorities were not interested in reaching for pre-accession funds that could help to improve the infrastructure. The result of inefficiency of local government were poverty, apathy residents, breakdown of social ties.

Everything changed unprecedented social “spurt” of the inhabitants of Bałtów, who in 2001 decided that Bałtów need a change. In the meeting organized by the initiative group came 120 people, local entrepreneurs, teachers, farmers and artisans who in the beggining of 2001 established The Association for the development of the municipality Bałtów “Bałt”.

They started to look for a way to use the landscape values, which could attract tourists and revive the community. Some of the ideas seemed absurd – for example organizing rafting on the river Kamienna (which was then a collective garbage dump) or creation of the first in Poland Jurassic Park. However exactly those ideas, determination, perseverance and the will of changes made the miracle: unemployment in the municipality is minimal, and Balyów is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

The establishment of The Association “Bałt” was just a beggining, in next five years few more social enterprises was establish to enrich turistic offers of Bałtów and create The Bałtów Turistic Complex containing: Jurassic Park, Rafting on The River Kamienna, Ski Slope, Hourse Riding Center, Mini Zoo and Allozaur (service and maintenance of tourist infrastructure).

Offered products and services

Jurassic Park – Scientists found in Bałtów dinosaur footprints and members of The Association “Bałt” decided to use it as a tourist attraction. At the end of 2003 they formed the “Delta” Association, which in 2004 acceded to build a Jurassic park on the former site of a sawmill. Currently, the park leads trail showing another era in the history of the earth, enriched with colored plates with descriptions of animals and plants. The main attraction is the more than 70 life-size dinosaur models. Above the winding stream hover mock dragonflies and birds before 300 million years. Before entering the park there is a large square, which is set souvenir stalls.

Rafting on The River Kamienna – since 2003 turists can try 4 kilometers long rafting on a raft with experience rafter.

Ski Slope – it was open in 2007 on private land, leased by the “Delta” Association. The creation of a ski slope lengthened the turistic season and ensured the continuity of employment for more than 120 people working in Jurassic Park and Rafting (eg. Winter rafters floating down the river Stone deal with the operation and maintenance of the slope).

Horse-riding Center: Land of Horses – The resort has been operating since 2005 as an additional attraction for tourists.

Mini Zoo in Bałtówthe wildlife refuge, available since 2007. During ekosafari customers can see alpacas, llamas, ostriches, fallow deer and exotic birds. All the animals come from Polish farms.

„Allozaur” – in 2006 new social enterprise (non-profit limited liability company) was established to provide services and maintenance of tourist infrastructure in the whole Bałtów Turistic Complex but also additionally to work for municipality and whole community: care of the municipal greenery, cleans hiking trails, parks and river banks. The enterprise also organizes entertainment events and produces souvenirs.

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