The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre is a non-profit organization working for the benefit of the community. Their mission is to improve the state of the environment by reducing the amount of waste and by increasing environmental awareness. The Centre has five stores in the metropolitan area: in Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki. In their stores one can find recycled products at reasonable prices, as well as information about sustainable models of consumption. The Reuse Centre accepts donations of usable items which they then sell in their stores or donate to others.

A key part of their concept is to benefit the community by increasing environmental awareness among people, companies and organizations in the Helsinki metropolitan area. To reach this goal, the Reuse Centre provides environmental education and consulting services.

Part of the income from selling reused items is used for environmental education. The Reuse Centre provides education and consulting to 30,000 children, youngsters, adults and educators each year. They also organize environmental awareness events and provide educational materials.

The Reuse Centre offers work in different situations in life: for disabled people, the long-term unemployed, students of Finnish language, on-the-job trainees and people performing community service.

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