“kaksi.nolla Oy” offers housing services for the city of Tampere in Kontukoti (they have in total 26 places) and also they have started to offer home care for other customers. Kaksi.nolla is a social enterprise that has established their first elderly house ”Kontukoti” in the heart of city of Tampere. Kaksi.nolla is a limited liability company. The company’s goal is ”to be a home where the people flourish”. Basically it is an home like home for elderly people (elderly home). They are very much dedicated in improving their residents’ quality of life and they want to help in creating meaningful everyday life for their residents.

Kaksi.nolla was initiated in a project run by the city of Tampere, in which the city was searching for new ways to produce elderly care services and also ways to improve these services. After the project (which was run by the city) the actual social enterprise was founded by two individuals that used to work for the city but are now inpedendent entrepreneurs. Kaksi.nolla is therefore a good example of how a municipality can be of assistance in accelerating new social enterprises.

Kaksi.nolla’s aim is to be more customer centred in their approach than their competitors in the field. They are also aiming to offer better quality in their service and more freedom to their workers,. They are focusing in new kind of leadership where leadership and decision making is democratic and decentralised (for instance kaksi.nolla’s workers are represented in the board). They are committed to their personnel and want to have better working conditions for their workers. They believe that this should lead into happier and motivated employees and customers.  Kontukoti has been up and running from beginning of the year 2014  and its services have already been proven to be very good (in relation to other service producers) in customer surveys conducted by the commissioner city of Tampere.

Read more information of the organization (in Finnish): http://www.kontukoti.fi