Please, find below the link to useful material on Social Innovation policies and practices in Canada prepared by the Centre for Social Innovation.

The Centre for Social Innovation is a non-profit social enterprise that opened its doors in 2004. We started with 14 organizations and a mission to catalyze social innovation.
Today we support over a 1000 social mission organizations, with thousands more having graduated through our networks and spaces over the years. From an initial surplus of $572, we’ve reached nearly $9M in annual revenues, with assets over $40M. We’ve grown at about 40%/year, facing and tackling every stage of organizational growth.
We are proud of the role that we’ve played in co-creating and building the field of social innovation in Canada. We straddle the space between social enterprise and social innovation, with a special skill for cultivating social innovation ecosystems. We are gritty, practical, and determined.

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