Cultivating greener habits always requires initiative – at home, in workplace or leisure time. To foster a sustainable mindset and engage communities more efficiently, within project “Greenminded” a curriculum for training, guidebook for trainers and an online course were created for young adults willing to learn about lasting change. How does one take initiative, and what things could be done at workplace to cut carbon footprint? And how to organize green initiatives for local communities? Take a look at the suggested approach for training in these outcomes:


During this project the focus is on engaging young adults on topics around environmental issues and active citizenship. As a result a wholesome learning pack was created, and it consists of a curriculum, training materials and an e-learning course in Moodle platform to be used by youth workers in their efforts towards building awareness about greener future and actions we individually can take to achieve it.

Financed by Nordplus Adult program, the project is carried out by Social Innovation CentreZiniu kodas and INVOLVED NGO.