The Academy is the first fully online management training programme focusing exclusively on social innovation. We are co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

What is social innovation? In short, any innovation that is social in its ends or in its means, or simply any working, innovative solution to help address a pressing societal challenge e.g. climate change, social exclusion, mobility or health issues.

In practice, social innovations take form of social enterprises, corporate innovation projects, non-profits, public sector programs, grass-root movements or community initiatives. Social innovation has been gaining momentum around the globe, from Europe to United States, from Africa to Canada, and from Australia to South America.

By training social innovators of the future, the Academy aims to help the most pressing global challenges.

Our team led by Limitless® brings together partners of the highest calibre including Impact Hub, one of the largest network of impact changemakers in the world, Sinnergiak Social Innovation, one of the top social innovation institutes and the co-founder of Social Innovation Community, and the editor of Harvard Business Review in Poland, to name a few, supported by tens of organisational Friends.

Our goal: reach thousands of aspiring social innovators and help them gain the skills and knowledge required for their dreams to become a reality.

Watch the introductory presentation to find out:

  • what social innovation is, exactly
  • what social innovation is not
  • what you can gain from social innovation
  • a brief history of social innovation
  • the global outlook, trends and challenges
  • social innovation types, features and approaches
  • social innovation process (the social innovation spiral)
  • actors involved
  • forms of user involvement
  • social innovation drivers
  • … and what it all means for you!

The presentation is the place to start if you want to quickly learn the basics and get to speed.

Access it here.