Social Economy Support Centre from Gdańsk ( invites you to Pomorska Street in Gdańsk during the St. Dominics Fair in Gdańsk, Poland, where you will find stands of social economy entities from all over Pomerania! Our exhibitors will sell their products from July 24 to August 15, 2021, on Szeroka Street and Ołowianka Street. Social economy entities are workplaces employing people who cannot find a job or are excluded from the labour market for some reason, e.g. due to disability or homelessness.

What is the social economy? It’s the kind of economic activity where more than just profit is essential. These activities lead to the achievement of social goals. The social economy also supports the development of the local community and enables the social integration of socially excluded people.

By purchasing products and services of social economy entities, you can support people in need, co-create jobs and contribute to local development.

The exhibitors representing the Pomeranian social economy will include:

The exhibitors’ offer will be vast and varied:

  • food products (casseroles, cookies, lemonade, bio syrups, craft beer),
  • handicraft items (jewellery, ceramics, wooden boxes and chairs, paintings, etc.),
  • zero waste products (bags, backpacks, sachets),
  • soy candles and bath products,
  • clothing and antiques,
  • and many more.

Indeed everyone will find something for themselves! Check their fan page of Pomorskie Social Economy (, will keep you updated on new exhibitors presenting their offer. The event is part of the project “Pomeranian social entrepreneurship system: coordination of the development of the social economy in the Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2019-2022”, implemented by the Regional Center for Social Policy of the Marshal’s Office.



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