Co-funded by the EEA grants project SOCIAL INNOVATORS presents an innovative model of simultaneously addressing the challenges of high rates of youth unemployment and low employment rate in NGO sector, which all present a tremendous waste of human potential and missed opportunities for greater contribution to the social transformation not only in partner countries but in EU in general. In NGOs, young people will hater work experience and become involved in some of the most relevant initiatives and programmes dealing with social challenges in Europe today. As a result, the participants will be supported to create their own jobs within the social sector, where their educational background is essential for further development.

The toolkit is a part of the #NGOTrained Apprenticeship program in civil society organisations. The goal of the program is to provide young people who have no work experience in civil society organisations with knowledge, skills, and attitudes important for working in civil society organisations.

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At the same time, the program enables mentors from civil society organisations to improve their mentoring skills and to create a custom 80-hour training program that can be adapted and used for any new person entering their organisation as a volunteer, employee or associate. Including youth!

We hope that a custom training built on the basis of the apprenticeship program and the toolkit will have a long-lasting impact on the way new people are introduced to civil society organisations.

The purpose of this toolkit is to serve as a set of guidelines as well as an inspiration for mentors in civil society organisations, helping them to plan the activities for the apprentices, as well as a repository that includes all templates and other materials used during the apprenticeship program.



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