The Youth Prop Up action plan is part of the wider Estonian Youth Guarantee National Action Plan initiated by the European Union.

The main aim is in supporting young people in need, who may have been made redundant or have not completed their education and are not currently studying. The programme attempts to assist them in realising their potential and return to being a productive member of society as quickly as possible, raising their confidence and self-esteem.

The activities take place under the “Inclusion of youth at risk of social exclusion and improvement of youth employability” programme. The programme is approved by the Ministry of Education and Research and co-financed by European Social Fund. Programme is lead by Education and Youth Authority.



The Youth Prop Up programme is a new action plan which has been implemented in Estonia. The programme is designed to specifically target:

  1. Young people aged 15 to 26 years.
  2. Young people who are not currently involved in any kind of academic study or employment.

The Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres is the organisation responsible for the development and implementation of the Youth Prop Up action plan for the estimated duration of 2015-2021. The programme supports currently the 13000 individuals who meet these criteria.

Read more and get more inspiration on the Youth Prop UP website:

All info is available to youth in Estonian, English and Russian.




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