The organization MovingWorlds has helped 900 social enterprises around the world scale their businesses over the years. They have done so with help using their Experteers, Capacity Building Programs, research, and educational programming.
Their experience is that many social enterprise startups fall short of their projections and end up giving up. There is a number of reasons for that, but one of the reasons is that social entrepreneurs is so convinced that they have an idea that will work, that they have not taken the time to develop it thoroughly, eg. Making a market reseach – is the market interested in the idea. Or have taken the time to really look at and understand the problem they are trying to solve and be sure they are trying to solve the right problem. This could eg. Be done by using Design Thinking.

MovingWorlds has gathered their experiences from working with social entrepreneurs over the years in “The complete guide to growing and scaling your social enterprise” that is a ten step guide that social entrepreneurs can follow to increase their ability to create lasting change.

the 10 steps are:

  1. Understand your ecosystem
  2. Use Design-Thinking to find a product that can scale
  3. Validate your scale-up business model
  4. Financing your scale-up initiative
  5. Build the right team and develop their skills
  6. Managing your team
  7. Build partnerships to keep growing
  8. Report on impact (in real time)
  9. Push the industry
  10. Return to Step 1

The guide covers all the essential elements you need develop a social enterprise, whether you just starting or want to launch a new social enterprise within an existing organization. Through the guide there are lots of links to useful tools and further ressources.

See the guide here




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