Ogunte CIC is a social enterprise and a certified B Corp, which since 2001 the organization has worked to strengthen the voice of female social entrepreneurs globally through Ogunte CIC delivers a large range of products and services all tailored to the needs of female women social entrepreneurs. Some are payed for and some are for free.

Ogunte was founded in The Netherlands by french-born Servane Mouazan. Today Oguntes headquater is in London. Savane worked with helping social entrepreneurs before she started Ogunte, as a volunteer in  community development projects.
The name Ogunte comes from the name of a female spirit, that you find the  in West Africa, in Nigeria and in the Yoruba tradition. But Savane heard about the name in Brazil. Ogunte is a female spirit who cares for and fights for people. That is also what Ogunte does in terms of helping female social entrepreneurs.

Ogunte work builds on the belief of social impact made by women. It is women from all over the worked that  are both influential and connected and have solutions to the social and environmental challenges that the world is facing, and who can contribute to a more sustainable futher for all.

Ogounte offers eg. businessincubator programs, coaching and development of projects that invest in women and girls and in building ecosystems, systemdesign & protyping and also technical assistance to female social entrepreneurs and also to organisations who work to create positive impact for women and girls.
Oguntes work is primarily targeted against women, that is already running a social enterprise.

Ogunte support for social entrepreneurs is structured in five areas that entrepreneurs can work on simultaneously to strengthen their personal and organizational skills and capacities.
Growing leadership, Increased sustainability, Sense of confidence and enhanced sense of learning.

Different tools and ressources are available under the different areas. You ca also choose to work by your self using Oguntes tool “The Beesmap”,  a booklet that helps you to develop your capacity in each of the categories. And if you want soupport coaches are available if you prefer not to do it on your own.

Since 2007, Ogunte has worked with more than 8500 women in social enterprises and their supporters eg technical assistance, social finance providers.

Ogunte also host Women’s Social Leadership Awards, that are cross-country, and celebrate the women, who have had a positive social impact in the area they work in and who can their learning to others. When entrepreneurs apply for the awards, they are asked to prove their social impact and other activities.

Ogunte has launched the #ImpactWomen network also called the “1 Million Impact Women” initiative in an effort to bring together 1 million female social entrepreneurs from around the world in a network by 2020. The network has been created to provide a connecting platform and host informal networking events for women growing their social enterprises.
Through the network female social entrepreneurs can also access information, knowledge and guidance for the connect at global level with other women social entrepreneurs

If you are a woman in social enterprise, at a startup stage, and/or a female business angel providing financial support to women social entrepreneurs, you can register yourself and your social enterprise on the map, and start connecting with your peers. At the current moment 560 female social entrepreneurs form more than 90 countries has registred and added themselves to the ImpactWomen map. You can find the map here

More about Ogunte on: www.ogunte.com



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