The goal of the social enterprise Reverse Lavka is to provide Estonian farmers and small producers a food shop for Estonian people, a preferred and accessible option. Reverse Lavka wants to make Estonian eating habits more environmentally friendly and supportive of the (local) rural economy.

In order to achieve the goal, Reverse Lavka purchases small-scale products and sells them to urban people in Tallinn through e-shop sales and at theaters and festivals. Reverse Lavka travels with a carrot car around 200 kilometres, collecting tons of goods from farms and producers.

The main focus is on the environmental friendliness of food. Reverse Lavka constantly strives to find possibilities for smarter consumption by preferring organically grown if possible and locally produced products, preferring biodegradable packaging, etc.

Reverse Lavka distributes information on the benefits of local nutrition to the public and among company subscribers.

Business model

Offer:  buying of goods grown by small farmers and distributing these goods to the urban inhabitants. One aim is to raise the awareness of urban residents about the origin of Estonian food and bring home-grown food closer to the urban population.

Customer segments:  urban inhabitants, eco-friendly people, families with kids, enterprises, the public at large

Customer relationship: personal; impersonal

Key activities:  developing the network of farmers; a comfort and fast food distribution to customers

Key recourses: network of farmers, vehicles, storage facilities, distribution point/shop, e-shop

Cost structure: transportation, vehicle maintenance and repair, people, ICT costs

Revenue streams:  food distribution; mentoring

Impact measurement: number of farmers in the network; regions represented on the website; number of products represented on the website; number of customers; number of regular customers; number of orders; number of business clients; number of new clicks on the website; ecologically clean/organic products distributed by Reverse Lavka.