Urvaste Village Society is a NGO located in a small village in South Estonia. The goal of the social enterprise Urvaste Village Society is to ensuring a good living and working environment for local residents in local community. Urvaste Village Movement started to produce a finely milled flour mixture (the Kama). The Kama is traditionally a mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour. The oat flour may be completely replaced by wheat flour, or kibbled black beans may be added to the mixture. The Kama considered to be one Estonian traditional food.

Urvaste Village Society started in 2010. Nowadays they are producing an ecologically clean Kama and selling it successfully all around Estonia.

This field of action is one of many others to Urvaste Village Society. In the development plans of the nearest years are promoting the chocolate manufacturing in the village, developing the catering service, etc.


Business model

Offer:  traditional Kama mixture with many different tastes

Customer segments:  eco-friendly people, families with kids, tourists, urban inhabitants, enterprises, the public at large

Customer relationship: personal; impersonal

Key activities:  developing the network of farmers; product development and design; packaging; marketing

Key recourses: network of farmers, production and storage facilities, kitchen appliances, people

Cost structure: primary goods, energy, room maintenance, maintenance and repair of equipment, costs on the package, people

Revenue streams:  product (the Kama); degustation; workshops; catering

Impact measurement: number of products; number of community members involved into to production and selling process; number of farmers cooperating with the NGO; number of customers; number of regular customers; number of orders; number of business clients; local economic growth; created work places.