Public procurement is one of the tools that public administration can use in order to stimulate local investments, economic growth and shape local labour market. Social clauses implemented in public procurements in tern, can be an effective way to fight with social exclusion and support development of social enterpreneurship.

European Union administration also appreciated this mechanism in own Directive dedicated to new social clauses regulations which European Union Member are obliged to transfer to national legislations.

In this post you can find a very interesting and important publication presenting all planned changes in terms of social clauses which soon should be available in all EU countries.

The publication can be download here: Public_procurement_for_social_progress.compressed


This very needed publication was prepare by The Social Platform, the largest civil society alliance fighting for social justice and participatory democracy in Europe. Consisting of 48 pan-European networks of NGOs, Social Platform campaigns to ensure that EU policies are developed in partnership with the people they affect, respecting fundamental rights, promoting solidarity and improving lives.