My Dream Now is a social enterprise which provides mentorship-programs with students. The organization inspires student to believe in themselves. “The belief in others and belief in himself is what makes change possible”, is how the the culture is developed around the people, with values incorporating openness, community, responsibility.

Volunteers class coaches from work and inspire college students to see their opportunities, find ways to future job and work toward their own short-term goals. Together with employers we help young people to look ahead and start dreaming. No dream is too big or too small. The most important thing is that they are yours.

My Dream Now, creates inspiring collaboration between school and work. Their vision is that all young people should know their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams. And their goal is to hit 10,000 students in 3 years and 1 million students in 10 years in several countries and be able to see measurable positive effect.


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We give partners a concrete opportunity to engage employees.They see the value of business-driven sustainability work: long-term competence, employer branding at the university, more engaged employees with different backgrounds and strong brand.
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We offer several different programs for secondary schools that give students the motivation to achieve the objectives of the school. The aim is to inspire students to believe in themselves, to understand their opportunities at work, searching own dreams and roads there.


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My Dream Now have a working model for a long-term co-funded school-working leading to more young people get jobs. In the first phase, the municipality is helping to finance the work.



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Do you want to help young people to understand their opportunities in employment, find their dream and the way to exciting job? Do you want to inspire students and share with your job and study experience?With us there are many opportunities to work as a volunteer.