The project will bring together 6 partners from different countries wishing to promote SE, self employment through raising awareness on social issues, strengthening young people participation and helping them to become responsible active members of our society by enriching their competences.

SE4You (Social Entrepreneurship for youth) aims to support young people who want to learn and grow both professionally and personally by caring for others and their environment. The project will create an online community for encouraging youngsters to pursue SE in their local communities as well as to increase their entrepreneurial skills in order to enhance the social economy of the participating countries and Europe’s as a whole.

The objectives of the project are to equip young people with specific competencies and skills to run their own social enterprises.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To equip and support young people with knowledge, key competencies and tools related to social entrepreneurship and social innovation needed to turn entrepreneurial ideas into social start-ups, with a view to tackling challenges and problems identified within their communities;
  • To exchange experiences and practices related to social entrepreneurship and social innovation among organizations not only active in the field of youth but also in other sectors from different social and cultural contexts in Europe;
  • To develop a specific set of tools based on non-formal learning aiming at developing transversal and basic skills of youth with fewer opportunities;

The main target group the project is addressing are young people who have an interest in social entrepreneurship.

The project products are: 

  1. Roadmap for creating your social enterprise in 10 steps
  2. Capacity building Course on SE for Sustainable Growth which will facilitate innovative learning practices in social entrepreneurship education by developing curricula and a set of guidelines, ethics and ideas
  3. Help Desk on social entrepreneurship, that will provide information and assistance definition on SE which will be operational in partner languages.

Expected results are the following:

  • High quality training material on social entrepreneurship in the future;
  • Fostering the young people professional development resulting to their economic participation in society;
  • Improved levels of employability skills of young people;

Impact on the participants (young people):

• Acquisition of new skills and abilities in the field of social entrepreneurship;

• Encourage creativity, innovation, participation, diversity and social inclusion of young people.

• Development of self-awareness about their natural talents and abilities;

• Development of the European social enterprises network (through Help Desk) by being introduced to approaches toward the establishment of social enterprises;

Impact on the Community:

• Strengthening the role of youth organizations in the personal development of young people in the community life and the economic growth;

• The identification of environmental and social problems of the community and finding solutions to these problems;

• Improving and facilitating the dialogue between young people and local authorities / entities through non -formal methods;

Impact at national level:

• Local Authorities will have the opportunity to widen their professional knowledge by adopting new approaches in their practices.

• Youth Organizations who are active at regional /national level will have access in Help Desk containing ready-to-use materials which can be successfully integrated in their mentoring

programmes or in their extracurricular activities in order to provide young people with the necessary help and support while deciding on their future.

At the EU level, the impact of the project will take the form of networking with other regions/countries.

– Retraining and improvement of competences of young people in the area of SE

– Establishment of an effective training methodology in social entrepreneurship for interested individuals that result in improvement of their transferable skills and competences.

– Tackling of young people’s unemployment and reinforcement of social cohesion.

The project’s innovation and added value lies in the very fact that it does not merely seek to train and empower young people but also to improve understanding of the social entrepreneurship phenomenon and its potential in the youth field and non-formal education in Europe.’

Training material is available here: