For two years consortium of Erasmus+ VISION project have been working on useful outcomes, and the project concluded in the last December. Proudly they are presenting an outcome of the project – a book that has just been released for broader audiences. ‘Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be available in e-Book format free of charge from March 7th, and in paperback format from March 21, 2022.

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Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship outlines the work and findings of the Erasmus+ VISION research project. The book is focused on the increasing importance of immersive learning and includes the findings of more than 130 detailed interviews and 9 workshops.

Education is changing and teachers and students around the world are reshaping it. This book is designed to help educators, policy makers and stakeholders from industry and society at large navigate the changing landscape of education for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship (CIE). Built on insights from more than 250 experts, the book presents a learning landscape that captures today’s shifts within CIE education and proposes guidance and potential pathways for those involved in the field.

It shows that the landscape of education for CIE is influenced by:

  • Learning as an immersive experience driven by play and experimentation,
  • The rise in on the job education and learning by doing as part of life-long upskilling,
  • Teachers’ roles evolve to be coaches and mentors developing hard and soft skills,
  • Numerous images are included in the book using the technique of visual thinking, stimulating imagination, creativity and innovation.

If you are interested in finding out about the project research process and the findings’ report, visit the website of the project HERE.

Download eBook here || Buy paperback version here


VISION was implemented by a consortium of 13 partner organizations from Europe and concluded in December 2021. Within this project, more than 120 international experts were asked to reflect on the future of CIE teaching and learning. Transversal skills and the Growth Mindset was the focus of discussions, considering CIE skills as keys to foster positive social impact. Take a look at the other outcomes to get to know the background and scope of the topic!

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