Social Entrepreneurship – A Practice-Based Approach to Social Innovation is a new textbook with a practice-based approach to social innovation by J. Howard Kucher and Stephanie E. Raible.

The book provides in an easily accessible way a comprehensive guide to the various building blocks needed to create a sustainable social enterprises. At the same time, it takes a closer look at how different core elements can contribute to either success or failure for the social enterprises.

An important element of a well-functioning social enterprises is the balance between effective business practices and effective social innovation. In this regard the book analyzes the key skills needed to succeed and points out both what works and what does not work.

With its practical approach, the book provides a good understanding of how social entrepreneurs can transform good ideas into well-functioning companies that can help solve some of the major challenges the world faces and can create lasting and positive change.

Through the book’s discussion questions and various suggestions for activities, students get help with both learning and debate to further the understanding of the issue. Through a detailed and well-described case study as well as through anecdotes, examples and analogies, students are helped to see how a social enterprises works in practice. The book is structured with learning objectives and chapter summaries, that guide the student through key topics such as product development, idea generation, social change theory, marketing and operating structures. Finally, there is a reference to a number of resources where students can seek additional knowledge.

Social entrepreneurship and social enterprises are important elements when it comes to solving some of the major challenges the world is facing in these years (climate impact, loss of biodiversity, inequality, pollution ..).

The book is a great place to start for the growing number of social entrepreneurs who want to tackle these challenges.

About the authors
J. Howard Kucher is an Associate Professor of Social Innovation at the University of Maryland at Baltimore in the United States and Stephanie E. Raible is an Assistant Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware in the United States


Title: Social Entrepreneurship – A Practice-Based Approach to Social Innovation
Authors: J. Howard Kucher and Stephanie E. Raible.
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date: January 2022
ISBN: 978 1 78897 422 6
The book is 320 pages and can be purchased here


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