Social Entrepreneurship through Passion –  Programme and Trainers Guide – is a new m developed to respond to the needs facing social, economic and learning difficulties.

The material is developed developed within the  project of the same name (in short “PASSIONPRENEURS”) and co-funded by The European Commission. The project adresses unemployment and social exclusion of vulnerable groups of people and try to help them find their talents and passion so they might use them to develop ideas for social entrepreneurship.

The Training Programme consists of 5 modules:
1) From Passion to Purpose,
2) Personal Value-Social Value,
3) Social Needs, Social Product,
4) Building my Social Project,
5) My Passionpreneuring.

The course that is intended to be completed in 20 hours (4 hours pr. Module) consists of a set of practical exercises, interactive tools, tips and additional resources. This is meant to help participants understand their strengths and interests and learn how to implement them in practice. Also their entrepreneurial skills will be improved aswell.

The Trainer’s Guide:
“Social Entrepreneurship through Passion – a Trainers Guide” is developed as a support to the Training Programme “Social Entrepreneurship through Passion”.

The Trainer’s Guide is meant to help experts, teachers, trainers and others working with vulnerable groups of people, so they are able to conduct the Training Programme “Social Entrepreneurship through Passion” in the best possible way. It provides deeper insights into the target group, social entrepreneurship and how to identify talents and passions to develop (social) entrepreneurship skills and promote peer learning.

Teachers and trainers can study and use the guide independently of the Programme Social Entrepreneurship through Passion to gain more knowledge on teaching the target group  in social entrepreneurship. It consists of three main chapters:
1) Methodology for the identification of interests, talents and passions (ITPs) of adults,
2) Guidance and tools for the Training Programme, and
3) Peer-Coaching.

The guide is intended to provide more knowledge and broaden the range of tools, that can be used by people teaching social entrepreneurship for people with social, economic and learning difficulties.

The organisations behind the development of the Programme and guide Social Entrepreneurs through Passion is:

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy
Asociación Caminos (Spain)
CSI – Center for Social Innovation Ltd (Cyprus)
Kauno prekybos, pramones ir amatu rumai (Lithuania)
IDEC S.A. (Greece)

Social Entrepreneurship through Passion – a Trainers Guide can be downloaded here

You can find more info on the facebook page for “Social Entrepreneurship through Passion” here



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