Imagine you had a ‘eureka’ moment – an idea for a new way of doing something that could, in some way, make the world a better place.

How would you go about turning that idea into reality? One place you could go, is UpLink, a platform which lets anyone from anywhere in the world submit their ideas on how to solve global issues.

Announced during the 2019 Sustainable Development Impact Summit and launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020, UpLink is a digital crowd-engagement platform that connects entrepreneurs and champions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its goal is to link-up the best SDG innovators to a growing network of experts and decision-makers who can implement the change needed for the next decade.

As a global platform, UpLink responds to the demand for a more inclusive approach to SDG action by targeting the creativity and expertise of grassroots innovators who can meaningfully contribute to the delivery of the SDGs. Through its challenges and collaborative action groups, UpLink aspires to nurture a world whereanyone with impact-oriented ideas and solutions is empowered to address the world’s most pressing challenges.



UpLink is the first World Economic Forum-managed online network that anyone can sign up and contribute to. Through its challenges, UpLink seeks to connect entrepreneurs with game-changing SDG solutions to experts and investors looking to identify and scale-up the most innovative solutions. Through its action groups, UpLink offers thought leaders and activists a curated platform to discuss ongoing roadblocks to SDG attainment and build alliances with like-minded champions from across the globe. UpLink also provides clear support for organisations that are keen to surface innovations that respond to specific needs by enabling them to co-design topics and challenges.


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