Innovation work through collaborative social innovation assumes using different methods for collecting and evaluating results, both regarding values created during the process, and the effect that is a result of the ended process. Measuring effects is demanding, since the causality between effort and effect often is unclear. However, it is important to know whether the resources which are used leads to expected social results and effects.

SoImpact deals with this matter. This tool was first created by SoCentral, and has been further developed during this project. It differs from other methods of measuring effects of social innovation since this tool mainly focuses on measuring results and effects of effort, where the level of causality is high. Soimpact is a tool for choosing and identifying indicators, measuring results and effects caused by the effort put into collaborative social innovation. This tool is a ten-step-process that structures the work, from early definitions of goals, to identifying indicators which can be used for evaluation and analysis.

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