The report called “Finding a place in modern Europe” by Authors: Jelena Markovic Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez Sever Dzigurski,  With the support of the researchers of the steering group for this project: Howard Williamson, Magda Nico and Syika Kovacheva was published recently here:


There are two main purposes for this report, which we highly recommend:


The first purpose of this paper was to identify and present different barriers to social inclusion of young people in five domains and to better understand their impact and consequences on young people in vulnerable situations.


The second purpose of this paper was to contribute to the shaping and development of policies aimed at eliminating barriers, allowing and empowering young people in vulnerable situations to become actors of their own inclusion processes. For the above-mentioned reasons (situation-oriented approach mostly based on target-oriented data) not all the recommendations developed for each domain come from a complete new analysis. The recommendations are rooted in the work of the organisations behind this mapping (EU, Council of Europe and the numerous NGOs and institutes working as partners with these institutions).



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