In times of economic uncertainty, it is easy to think that it is ‘impossible’ for anybody to make money. This is complete nonsense and the exact kind of thinking that new entrepreneurs should steer clear of. It is a poverty-based mindset that looks to respond defensively to conditions instead of looking for profit opportunities in all conditions.

To understand how to support and empower young entrepreneurs, we must look at statistics and theoretical knowledge but have a strong emphasis on practical experience.

FinImpact has developed a Guide to equip the global youth with psychological tools and practical resources so they can confidently build wealth without buying into all of the drama. Saying this, the correct method through which to teach the youth psychological success principles remains a little uncertain and is most definitely not actively fostered in the schooling system. The Guide explores the following topics:

What’s a ‘Young’ Entrepreneur Anyway?
Key Statistics – Young Entrepreneurs & the Global Economy
What Are the Best Ways to Train and Mentor Young Entrepreneurs?
8 Best Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs
The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Documents, Business Plans, and Legal Lingo
Is the Education System Detrimental to the Growth of Wealth?
How Can Parents Nurture Entrepreneurialism in Their Kids?
Top 4 Financial Options for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
11 Best Training Resources For Young Entrepreneurs
Automation and Entrepreneurship
How to Deploy Automation Technology
Best Books for Millennial Entrepreneurs


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