Den Sociale Kapitalfond (The Social Capital Fund) and Industriens Fond (danish Industry Fund) are behind Impact Startup Denmark – a new development programe that aims to professionalize entrepreneurs and match them with impact investors, so that they are ready to create new solutions for the benefit of society and the competitiveness of danish businesses.

The idea behind new program, Impact StartUp Denmark, is that social entrepreneurs and impact investors team up to create solutions to the welfare challenges.
Denmark needs ambitious social entrepreneurs, who offer sustainable solutions to some of the welfare system’s biggest challenges. At the same time, Denmark need impact investors, who can help scale the strongest entrepreneurs and bring them further on the way to growth and exports.

That is whyDen Sociale Kapitalfond is now looking for social entrepreneurs, who will participate in the new intensive accelerator program:

“The market for social entrepreneurs and impact investors is large and uncultivated, and a path needs to be identified where the two parties meet in a professional arena and where the parties can jointly develop the companies so that they create even greater social value,” says Birgitte Frost Mathiesen, partner and director inDen Sociale Kapitalfond.

At the same time, there is a growing need for new business models, partnerships and networks, and the need for impact investors has never been greater:

“Entrepreneurs play an important role for Denmark and can help develop the community and create new export adventures. But in order for entrepreneurs to be successful, it is crucial that they be matched with talented investors, so that together they can take a joint responsibility in a sustainable and positive transition – and at the same time create a profit, ”says CEO of Industriens Fond, Thomas Hofman-Bang.

Once the social entrepreneurs are found, Impact StartUp Denmark will be launched. Entrepreneurs participate in a boot camp, a pitch day, a six-month accelerator course, a demo day where entrepreneurs meet new investors, and eventually a 12-month support program with couseling and handpicked advice.

To be eligible to participate in Impact StartUp Denmark, the business of the social entrepreneur must have potential for scaling beyond Denmark’s borders. The entrepreneur must be registered with a CVR number and the business most be between 0-5 years.


Impact StartUp Denmark is supported with 5 million DKK from Industriens Fond and serves as the Danish part of an overall Nordic initiative focusing on social entrepreneurship and impact investment.
Learn more about Impact Startup in Finland here

Social entrepreneurs are characterized by having a business model that offers solutions to some of the welfare state challenges, while impact investors are investors who place their investments in companies run on the basis of a desire to exercise corporate social responsibility.

Interested impact investors and entrepreneurs can read more about Impact StartUp Denmark here (in danish)
For further information contact:

Birgitte Frost Mathiesen, Director and partner, + 45 28 49 00 80 –

Stine Lomholt, Business Development Manager, + 45 23 73 15 83 –