Social Lean Canvas is an excellent and simple tool for developing a social enterprise idea rather than embarking on a 30-page business plan.

It is always important to be able to communicate information about one’s social economy activities to others. But having said that, it is also important to do things in the right sequence, and it may not be worthwhile to sit down and write a long business plan right away.

For start-up social enterprises, Social Lean Canvas is an excellent alternative to making a full business plan. Developed by Rowan Yeoman and Dave Moskovitz, the tool is designed to help one brainstorm possible business models and map out the purpose of one’s social enterprise. All on a single page.

As is the case with other companies, the goal of social enterprises in the initial phase is also to improve the chances of success and minimize the probability of failure.

Social Lean Canvas consists of 9 sections, which in combination show if one’s new social enterprise has the potential to get a product/market match. As you complete the canvas, you turn your idea into a set of assumptions that you can test with a goal to reach a careful, validated, scalable and copyable business model at some point.

Social Lean Canvas guides you through all facets of a social enterprises to help one identify and quantify tools and priorities.

The process encourages one to stay flexible and not obsessed with a single idea. Creating a visual overview of one’s social economy activity on a single page also makes it much easier to communicate one’s idea to others, but what is more important, it supports one in getting tested and testing the idea, which in the end can save one too many hours of work, efforts and resources.

Download Social Lean Canvas here