UrbanLab Gdynia is a space. On one hand, it is a forum – a space of a dialogue and a discussion about the city – on the other? UrbanLab consists of actual rooms and places – a meeting hall, an office and a shared kitchen. Mixed together those two spaces create a brand new formula – the way of looking at the city and discussing it from the shared point of view starting with a diagnosis of common challenges and leading to a joint process of finding the best solutions.

Our efficiency depends on people – citizens of Gdynia, city’s representatives and officials. As UrbanLab we are cannot create solutions by ourselves. We are here to support and facilitate those groups by creating the best possible conditions for the social capital development and effective dialogue process. We are here to teach each other – our mission is to spread and improve civic education, promote the ability to change perspectives in order to see the same issue from others’ shoes. We can provide answers to questions asked by others, create tools for those eager to use them in order to improve the quality of life in the city. How are we doing all that? Come join us in the actual and inviting rooms of the UrbanLab Gdynia – the hall, the office and the open social kitchen.


Contact UrbanLab

(Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98)
Przemysław Górski
+48 58 727 39 16