In August this year, Social innovation center from Latvia are completing a two-year project with the support of Nordplus Adult Education Program “Boosting Key Mindset for Successful Social Business Development”, which is being implemented with partners from Lithuania and Sweden.

The main objective of this project was to study the existing mindset and competency situation and to develop a new educational module to stimulate the development of the social entrepreneur’s thinking and core competencies: self-initiative, leadership and involvement in social and economic processes.

The study involved social entrepreneurs from all partner countries, namely Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. The results of the study can be found in the “Report on Key Elements of Thinking in the Development of Social Entrepreneurship”, available only in English here.

A summary of the study results is presented in the infographic.

Based on the research results, a training module “Social Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindset” has been developed. The training module is primarily intended for adult trainers, social entrepreneurs and individuals who want to become one. A module with effective adult learning techniques provides an opportunity to evaluate and identify the personal skills needed to solve social problems. The training module is created by cooperation of internationally experienced organizations from Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden in the field of adult education.

Target group:

– Adult learning managers who can assess someone’s skills or assist in the assessment process;

– People who see social problems and want to solve them using the business model;

– Social entrepreneurs who want to test their skills from time to time.

You can use the training module by downloading it in English: please download the full educational module description here.

You can use module as web based online open education resource:

in Latvian: APMĀCĪBU MODULIS Sociālā uzņēmēja prasmes un domāšanas veids

in Lithuanian: MOKYMO MODULIS Socialinių verslininkų kompetencija ir mąstysena

in Swedish: UTBILDNINGS MODUL Kompetenser och tänkesätt för sociala företagare


Social innovation centre: Latvia
Nordic Association for Social Innovation: Sweden
Skudutiskis academy: Lithuania


This material is part of the project “Boosting key mindset elements for successful social business development”, co-financed by Nordplus programm “Nordplus Adult”, project identification number NPAD-2017/10203.
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