“SIA Typical” was founded by two postcard writing enthusiasts who believe that human interaction is the priority and a hand-written post card is a  very good way to express words that sometimes are hard to be said out loud. Beautiful and emotional both colorful and black and white photos are turned into post cards. The initial idea of the postcard photos was to show typical Latvians in various every-day situations and environment, but now also postcards with other themes are added to the beautiful collection.

Founders of “SIA Typical” not only love taking meaningful pictures and writing postcards, but also share a belief that each and every one of us can contribute to creating a better world around us. Part of  income of the business goes to social support- mainly promoting and educating for more inclusive society where people with disabilities are able to find their right place in the labor market and society as such. Together with their partner organizations, Typical team organizes training for people with disabilities where participants are educated by experienced trainers in various important subjects such as personal development and starting a business.

Read more about this social enterprise here: http://www.typicalpostcards.eu/