Ósk Sigurdóttir, a occupational therapist and her founding partner Hannes Pétursson had the desire to assist those the physically impaired to have access to amenities such as public spaces like restaurants as well as hotels. To assist with this, they created TravAble a travel companion for the physically impaired.

The travel companion is an app and can be downloaded for free. Each location is rated by their accessibility such as elevators, handicap toilets, parking spaces, ramps and 360 turning spaces for those utilizing wheelchairs. The app also invites users to add new places where ever they may travel.

The financial model for now is free downloads, but will eventually create a build in booking system for listed venues. A one stop shop for traveling for the physically impaired.

“TravAble is for everyone to use. Not just users with wheeled mobility, but also friends and families, social services and personal assistants or just anyone in the need of information regarding accessibility to different services.”

They are still in early stages of the app, and will grow their services and related impact as they grow their user base as well as services they offer.

Travable video