This training material is set as a self-study course. Learnes – business advisors – can apply for new skills to provide appropriate advice to social entrepreneurs.

This is a web-based training course, which contains 12 modules:

Module 1: Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

Module 2: Role of Business Advisors

Module 3: Structures for the Development of Social Enterprises

Module 4: Operational Requirements for A Social Enterprise

Module 5: Social Enterprise Sustainability

Module 6: Managing and Governing Social Enterprises

Module 7: Financing and Accounting Social Enterprises

Module 8: Business Advisor Professional and Personal Development

Module 9: Business Advocacy and Counseling Social Enterprises

Module 10: Communication with Social Entrepreneurs

Module 11: Business Advising Tools, Equipment and Material

Module 12: Consulting Toolkit


The training course and other materials were devised by SESBA project. SESBA (Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers) is an EU funded project under Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, aimed at

  • enhancing the profile of business advisors in order to better respond to the field of social entrepreneurship.
  • developing new training practices and consulting techniques
  • cultivating new practical advisory skills by business advisors in order to be able to encourage attributes of social entrepreneurship.

The consortium of a project was made up of seven partners from Greece, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Estonia and Ireland. The coordinator is Olympic Training & Consulting LTD from Greece. Militos Consulting is the Greek partner, Programa Integra is the Italian partner, Acrosslimits is the Maltese partner, Agricultural University of Plovdiv is the Bulgarian partner, QUIN-Estonia is the Estonian Partner and Limeric Institute of Technology is the Irish Partner.

This training course is available for free on the project website in five (5) languages (EN, BG, ES, EL, and IT).