Roman Aranin is a social entrepreneur from Kaliningrad (Russia). In the past, a military pilot, then a successful entrepreneur, Roman broke on a paraglider. The result is an almost complete lack of ability to move independently. Even today, after many years of rehabilitation, Roman needs a special assistant to breathe freely.

Roman did not give up. Together with colleagues, he modernized existing wheelchairs, making them suitable for Russian cities, where there is no accessible environment. And then designed a stroller-terrain vehicle, on which you can ride off-road – to the forest, to the beach, to overcome obstacles. For sale, service (as a dealer) and production of their own wheelchairs, Roman and his partners opened the Observer company.

The demand for such wheelchairs is great both in Russia and in other countries. Observer takes the best technologies, negotiates with different manufacturers, finalizes designs and offers reliable devices to the market at a competitive price. This makes it possible for the state and charity foundations to buy strollers for those who are not able to do it themselves.

Now the Observer plans to build a new plant in Kaliningrad – creating new jobs for disabled wheelchair users.

In addition, the company’s specialists develop a “barrier-free environment” for people with disabilities in the public space. They have already helped to equip more than 15 airports, 8 specialized beaches, several museums, university buildings etc.

In 2014, the company became the winner of the All-Russian competition “Social Entrepreneur”, held by the Our Future Foundation. In 2015, Roman Aranin, the founder of the company, won the “Impulse of Good” prize in the nomination “For Personal Contribution to the Development of Social Entrepreneurship”.

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Interview with Roman is here in English, in Polish.
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